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Why MotherU Is Good for Us

A Quote from Christiane Northrup, M.D.

It might seem self-serving for us mothers to say to our daughters, “You need us. Appreciate us. Use us – we’ve been there.” But it’s true. In the seventies, Gloria Steinem quipped that every woman needs a wife. I (Melinda) think every woman needs a mother – and if her mother is not available or has died, she needs an older maternal figure who understands her and is there for her. It works both ways, of course. Mothers need their daughters, too.  I am fortunate to have many friends, but Jen knows me best. She is the only person who needs only to hear my voice to know whether I’m up or down.  Christiane Northrup takes it a step further in the Prologue to her engaging and valuable book, Mother-Daughter Wisdom.  She gave us permission to reprint this excerpt:

The mother-daughter relationship is at the headwaters of every woman’s health. Even before birth, our mother provides us with our first experience of nurturing and care. She is our first and most powerful female role model. Our cells divided and grew to the beat of her heart. Our skin, hair, lungs, and bones were nourished by her blood, blood that was awash with the neurochemicals formed in response to her thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. If she was fearful, anxious, or deeply unhappy about her pregnancy, our bodies knew it. If she felt safe, happy, and fulfilled, we felt that too.

Our bodies and those of our daughters were created by a seamless web of nature and nurture, of biology informed by consciousness, that we can trace back to the beginnings of time. Thus, every daughter contains her mother and all the women who came before her. The unrealized dreams of our maternal ancestors are part of our heritage. To become optimally healthy and happy, each of us must get clear about the ways in which our mothers history both influenced and continues to inform our state of health, our beliefs, and how we live our lives. Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her.

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