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The Buzz

Here are some authors/bloggers you might recognize who have shared their thoughts with us about family dynamics when both mother and daughter are part of the “motherhood union.”  Send us your ideas, stories, and article links, too. As we get more submissions, we might organize the page according to topics, but for now the authors are listed in alphabetical order

Barbara Biziou: Motherhood Rituals – Author of The Joy of Rituals and The Joy of Family Rituals explains how to welcome a daughter into “the club.”

Andrea Buchanan: (Other)mother Love – Author (among other books) of Mother Shock and Note to Self on mothers we adopt.

Paula J. Caplan: On Each Other’s Sides (Instead of at Each Other’s Throats) – Clinical and research psychologist and author shares a personal rumination from The New Don’t Blame Mother.

Betty Carter: Mothers and Daughters: Love, Honor, and Negotiate – Master family therapist and author of Love, Honor, and Negotiate applies her ideas to mother/daughter relationship.

Sara Davidson: What’s a Hippie Grandma? – Author of the Loose Change and Leap!, ponders whether her past qualifies her to become a “hippie grandmother.”

Janice Eidus: My Mother/My Writing: Turning Childhood Memories Into Fiction – Author of The War of the Rosens and other works of fiction explores her own mother/daughter themes.

Karen L. Fingerman: When Mom Isn’t In Your Corner: Accepting Her Anyway – Family researcher and author of Aging Mothers and Their Adult Daughters has sage advice for daughters.

Ariel Gore: Driving Hip Mama – The founding editor and publisher of Hip Mama magazine recalls the women drivers in her family.

Barbara GrahamThe Other Grandparents – Author of the Grandparent Confidential blog and editor of the 2009 New York Times bestseller Eye of My Heart reveals a dirty little secret.

Mindy Greenstein: My Mother, the Parenting Expert – Psychologist, writer, and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, discovers that despite years of not speaking the same language, her mother has no trouble understanding her grandson.

Arlie Hochschild: The Second Shift the Second Time Around – Renowned sociologist and author of The Second Shift discovers that as a grandmother she continues to juggle family and career.

Jane Isay: Sibling Rivalry Squared: When Grandchildren Appear – Author of Walking on Eggshells and Mom Still Likes You Best explores how adult children compete–using their own children as leverage.

Vicki Lansky: On Being the Mother-in-law – Author and founder of Practical Parenting shares what she’s learned about welcoming a son’s wife into the family.

Deborah M. MerrillWhat’s a Mother/Daughter-in-law To Do? – Author of Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-in-Law: Understanding the Relationship and What Makes Them Friends or Foe offers advice based on her research.

Esther Mizrachi Moritz: Keeping My Mother’s Spirit Alive – When her own mother dies, Moritz, a writer, finds ways of remembering her–for her own sake as much as her children’s.

Susan Newman: You Can Go Home Again: Moving in with Mom Social psychologist and author of several books, including Under One Roof, looks at what it takes for a mother and daughter to live together after a third generation is part of the picture.

Christiane Northrup: Why Mother U Is Good for Us – Renowned women’s health specialist and author of Mother/Daughter Wisdom stresses the importance of women supporting one another.

Gina OgdenSex and the New (or  Tired) Mom – Sex therapist and author of eight books, including Women Who Love Sex and The Return of Desire on how to keep the flame burning once you start a family.

Terry Orbuch, Ph.D5 Ways to Strengthen the Bond with Mom – Relationship researcher and therapist applies her experience and findings to the mother/daughter bond.

NEW! Melissa T. Schultz: Her Mother at 80: Lessons Whispered into a Daughter’s Ear – A writer recalls a lifetime of subtle lessons.

Deborah Tannen: Mother/Daughter Talk – Linguistics professor and author of You’re Wearing That? on what mother/daughter conversations reveal.

Sherry Turkle: “Send Me a Letter”: Mothers, Daughters, and Technology – MIT professor and author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less From Each Other, finds letters from her mother and ponders how new types of communication will impact her relationship with her daughter.

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