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Are We Violating Our Children’s Privacy, Too?

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

After actress/comedian Julia Sweeney’s did this little bit at a T.E.D. conference, she decided to “hang up my mouth,” as she put it in her blog.   She would stop telling stories about her personal life — well, mainly her daughter.

The video reminded me of how hard it was in “my day” to have that dreaded sex talk.  Some things never change.  But for younger-generation mothers, the Internet adds a whole new dimension to just about every aspect of parenting.

The monologue is fun and we can all identify, but the back story is even more interesting.  It shows how we see ourselves in a different mirror once we become mothers.  And it’s a cautionary tale about privacy.  For Sweeney, who has been making fun of herself and everyone around her for decades, her daughter was “the tipping point” in her decision not to be as public about her own life. (more…)