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Once a Mother, Always a Mother

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Here’s a Mother U bulletin:  You think it’s over when the kids grow up?  Think again, younger generation moms.

Recently, I came across a DCMoms post “Mom, Where’s My Jock Strap,” to which the author, SAHM blogger Dawn Mooney, mother of a ten year old and two preschoolers, wanted to add this subtitle:  “And other questions that I’m clearly not old enough to be asked.”  Initially, it piqued my interest because of Jen, mother of three boys.  I thought it was a great thing to send to someone who calls her home JHOP (“Jen’s House of Penises”).  I can’t imagine how many jock straps she’ll be hunting when her boys get a little older.  But then I realized that the point of Dawn’s piece was that while experience had prepared her for her younger children’s (much simpler) questions, like, “Will you help me wife my butt?” she was flying blind with her eldest.

“…with the oldest child, it’s as if we’re walking together down this unknown path, not sure of what is around each new bend. Sometimes we’re hand in hand, other times we’re woefully apart, but we’re always at the same mile marker, no solid predictive visions of what’s to come in either of our heads….”

As I read that Dawn’s insights about her oldest son, I realized that there’s one thing this wise mother doesn’t — indeed, can’t — yet know:  The dance of parenting is eternal, and the journey with your first-born goes on forever.  (more…)