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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom and Grandma

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Welcome to the new–or at least the resurrected–Mother U.  It’s a site my daughter and I launched in 2003 when we both realized we were members of  the “Motherhood Union.”  Now that so many of my peers are on the Internet (and I’ve become accustomed to blogging), perhaps this blog will inspire comments and conversation between the generations. And what better time to launch than the day before our day, Mother’s Day.  (If you’re curious about its origins, check out this video by Barbara Biziou, one of our visiting authors, who created a special ritual for The Buzz for mothers welcoming daughters into the club.)

Jen and I launched MotherU when her first son–my first grandchild–was born.  Make no mistake: I was not initially in favor of grandmotherhood.  I went kicking and screaming into the role, vowing that no one was going to call me “Grandma.”   Thus, I’m “Minna” to my (now) three grandsons.  No matter what I’m called, though, I’ve since come to see that it’s the best role in the world.   It’s payback after years of (sorry, my children) thankless parenting. Well, not totally thankless, but it’s nothing compared to the truly unconditional love of a grandchild.  But I digress…. (more…)