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Mothers & Daughters

This is an exciting time for mothers (now grandmothers) and daughters (now mothers, too!). Even though we grew up in different times, our two generations are more alike than different.  We experience  generation overlap.

We have a lot in common as women. We’re active, aware, and totally out there. As mothers and grandmothers, we cherish our children/grandchildren and yet see ourselves in other roles as well.

We juggle work and family.  Contemporary mothers-now-grandmothers understand their daughters’ dilemma because they’ve been there, too –and many still are.

We speak the same language. We recommend books, movies, and music to one another. We shop in the same stores. We hike, bike, do yoga, and take fitness classes together.

We really “get” each other.  In part that’s because both generations are psychologically savvy –a byproduct of lots of therapy, self-help books, and TV talk shows!  Sure, there’s still a fair amount of eye rolling on a daughter’s part when her mother annoys her, and hand-wringing and huffing on a mother’s part when her daughter disappoints.  But even when we fight –whether over crossed boundaries, generational differences, or emotional insults– we do it with a consciousness unknown to our foremothers.

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  1. Donne says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I discovered your website! I love it!
    When my daughter became a mom 8 years ago and made me a grandma, our relationship took on a whole new dimension.
    I had a lot of questions about my new role so I decided to start an organization for grandmas called the GaGa Sisterhood. We grandmas sure had a lot to talk about and some of it had to do with our relationships with our daughters and DILs.
    On June 11 my daughter and I gave our first Mother-Daughter retreat and the response was phenomenal. You can read my post at:
    I’m looking forward to reading more on your website.
    In Sisterhood,
    Donne Davis

  2. Melinda Blau says:

    Donne, so glad you found us! I hope you keep coming back. I checked out Gaga Grandmas, and it looks great. We’re definitely on the same wave length!

  3. Melinda Blau says:

    And I’m so glad you found MotherU, too. I’ll definitely check out your post. And please check out my latest book Family Whispering, which is for mothers and grandmothers. You’ll love it. I hope we stay in touch.

  4. […] the women, have more in common than generations past. My daughter and I dubbed the phenomenon generation overlap.  We share books, workouts, and gynecologists.  We like the same music–or at least are open to […]

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