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Mother U was conceived by us –a mother and daughter duo:

Melinda Blau, mother, grandmother, and best-selling author, and Jennifer Blau Martin, mother of three sons, health educator, and co-owner of  Court Time Clothing.

We have been collaborating since 1969 –as mother and daughter, friends, and as co-authors of “Generation Overlap: The New Mother-Daughter Dynamic”.

The idea of a “Motherhood Union” was spurred by the life-changing arrival of Jen’s first child and Melinda’s first grandchild. One day, while we were out walking –the baby was then four months old– Jen turned to Melinda and said, “It’s like we’re in the same club now –the Motherhood Union!”  We figured other women felt the same way, so we started to ask them.

Our goal was to examine this most important passage in mothers’ and daughters’ lives from each generation’s perspective. We had planned to make this a joint project –and for a while it was.  But then real life got in the way. Jen had two more son and launched a business, and Melinda wrote another book, Consequential Strangers.

This latest incarnation of the site, features the Mother U Blog written by Melinda –and perhaps a few entries by Jen. It’s anyone’s guess what comes next!  We hope that at the very least the blog and the site will inspire comments, questions, and further discussion.

The fact is, both generations know that mothering is a mother of a job!

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  1. Marcy S says:

    Melinda: I’m fascinated by this topic, by mother-daughter dynamics in a multi-generational context, so I’m glad to see someone else writing/talking about it and curious about what you have to say. I’ve been writing a memoir online (URL above) “How Little We Know.” I have a feeling my perspective is a lot darker than yours, from what I’ve read here and on your blog, but you sort of asked for input on Facebook, so I figured I’d put in my bit. If you get a chance, take a look at my stuff.

    BTW, Melinda, I don’t know if you remember me–we were introduced in SF many years ago by Lani K.

  2. Melinda Blau says:

    Hi, Marcy. I welcome all sorts of input! I’ll check out your site for sure. Thanks–and please come back to MotherU!

  3. Melinda Blau says:

    Thanks. I never saw your blog, but I’ll check it out. I hope you like the content, as well as the colors!

  4. Carolyn Ortiz says:

    Hi Melinda!

    I want to talk by phones with you, because wer interesting in organize a seminar for mathers and phaters from the Dominican Republic ,,,,,and want you to be our profesor invited,,,,,,please were can I get a number to call you………….

  5. […] today’s parents and grandparents, especially the women, have more in common than generations past. My daughter and I dubbed the phenomenon generation overlap.  We share books, workouts, and gynecologists.  We like […]

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