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Betty White Is the New Old

May 12th, 2010 by Melinda Blau

Betty White is not a mother, or a grandmother, but she’s old enough to be one.  Beside, the producers of Saturday Night Live thought she was a good enough representation of motherhood to headline the May 8, 2010 Mother’s Day show.   And in my opinion, she should be every woman’s hero because she’s living–and celebrated–proof that grandmotherly women can also be hip and hot!  Of course we older mothers–aka grandmothers–already knew this, but now everyone who reads People and watches Larry King and SNL does, too.  Betty White is the New Old (if you don’t believe me, click for more and check out her video!).

She’s still getting parts.

She’s still telling dirty jokes.

No one is calling her a cute little old lady.

In a word, she’s hip.  Justin Bieber tweeted, “Betty White rules.”   And this from Perez Hilton on Twitter: “Betty White will 1 day save the world 4 all of us….haha. ” Betty’s gone viral.  She landed the SNL gig in the first place because of a Facebook campaign–and now a new group is at work:  “Let’s Get Betty White to Host the Oscars”   Oh, and by the way (if you haven’t read this elsewhere), she managed to draw the largest SNL audience since the November 1, 2008 show, when Ben Affleck hosted with Idol winner David Cook and John McCain appeared with Tina Fey as Governor Sarah Palin just prior to the Presidential election).

Betty alone cannot change the image of women or rid the world of ageist bias, but she’s made room for a new older-woman model–one that makes us proud.   We own it to her–and to all the lesser-known pioneers who preceded us–to keep young and keep moving.  If Betty can do it, so can we.

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3 Responses to “Betty White Is the New Old”

  1. Law Momma says:

    I do love Betty White. And I LOVE that she is becoming the face of … elderly people. She’s hysterical and beautiful and so very talented. Love it.

  2. Melinda Blau says:

    Thanks for listening, Law Momma. So many women your age think it’s not going to happen to them. I did!

  3. Natalie says:

    I HOPE to be like Betty White when I am older! I hope I age as gracefully, and that I keep my sense of humor. I want to be the cool lady that everybody…young and old…wants to hang out with 😉

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